St George Edgbaston

Let the stones live

A report of major achievements

It has taken us rather longer than anticipated but we are so very pleased to say that the project to repair the worst of the damage to the east elevation and window of the Vestry wall and also that of the South Porch is now finished.

Of course (do we dare say it!), in a building of this great age and size, there will always be repairs needed.   However, our appeals for the high level stonework repairs (Phase 1 - 2017) and lower level stonework repairs (Phase 2 - 2019) have taken care of the most serious of the Health and Safety issues that we were faced with.

The final chapter in this long saga was the restoration of the interior of the Vestry which was very badly damaged by all the rainwater coming through the previously perished exterior masonry.

The repairs to the Vestry are now complete.  It has been re-plastered, re-painted and re-carpeted.  The room looks splendid and welcoming and is, once again, fit for purpose.

We have been so fortunate to have such skilled workmen to call on for all this quality work and want to thank them again and, indeed, everyone who supported the church throughout this project.