St George Edgbaston

Let there be light


Please help us to bring light back to our church!

We are pleased to bring you this update on our Lighting Appeal. 

 In spite of all the difficulties that Covid-19 has thrown at us, we can report that progress is being made and we are at the point where a demonstration of the proposed new lighting plan was held in the church on the 18th of August and was very well received.  

We have already received or been given promises of some very generous contributions towards this much needed improvement and are pleased to see that individual fund raising efforts continue for which we are extremely grateful.

An application for grant aid has been submitted and we are hopeful that we meet the criteria for assistance.  It would be so much more cost efficient if we could complete the project as a whole instead of in phases over a period of time and not have to rely on the temporary light installation in the Chancel (on loan from the contractors) indefinitely.

Please will you consider contributing towards this vital work to improve the lighting capacity of St George’s to meet the needs of our congregation and the growing community?  You might think, perhaps, of sponsoring some individual aspect of the new lighting (such as the planned new spotlights for The Lady Chapel or the Sanctuary).  You can really become an Angel of St George’s!