St George Edgbaston

Let the stones live

We’re nearly at the end of a year long project to repair some of the most severely damaged stonework on the East elevation of the Vestry wall and in the very intricate tracery of its splendid window.  We were also fortunate to tackle the most serious of the Health and Safety issues which were evident at the South Porch while the stonemasons were on site.

However, we were presented with two difficulties in the completion of the work which delayed it by many months.  Firstly, before the contractors could finish the work, the quarry furnishing the stone ran out of the quality stones needed and another quarry had to be located.  Then, Covid-19 put a stop to all work as the country was put into lockdown.  When this was eased to allow the workmen to return, we were faced with the order that access to the church was severely restricted by Covid-19.

We have two remaining stones to replace but for all practical purposes, the work is finished.  The new stonework looks splendid and we are no longer in danger of falling masonry at the main entrance to the church.

Another bit of repair which is now in the process of being sorted is the removal of the damaged plaster to the interior of the Vestry caused by the massive amount of water ingress from the previously perished exterior.  The Vestry is slowly drying out and it will probably be October or November before re-plastering can take place.  Then, it’s another period of waiting for this to dry before re-decoration can be done.  Seems like it is always hurry up and wait but, hopefully by Christmas, we will see all work done and furnishings put back in place. 

We want to, again, thank everyone for their contributions, their patience and their understanding while so much disruption has taken place.  We also want to thank all those lending their skill and support in making these essential repairs.