St George Edgbaston


We are so very pleased to report more GOOD NEWS to our Appeal for funding our most urgent stonework repairs.

Allchurches Trust has once again responded, splendidly, to our needs and awarded a very generous grant of £3,500 towards the most urgent work and Limoges Trust has also marvellously answered our call for support and sent the wonderful sum of £5,000 to ‘Let the Stones Live’.

We wish to thank both these Charities and also acknowledge the efforts of others who have supported our many fund raising events to continue our efforts to ensure that St George’s is a safe and secure building for everyone.

These incredible gifts mean that repairs can be started straight away to the most damaged parts of the exterior walls of the church.  You should soon see stone masons at work on the East Vestry window and wall and also making the necessary alterations to the gutter to prevent any future erosion into the Vestry itself, good news indeed!

Of course, there is still some way to go to repair all the areas of concern and we welcome your continued support and prayers.