St George Edgbaston


23 April

Let there be light


St George’s angels have answered our Appeal and there soon will be light in the church!

Our very good news that we want to share with you is that present funding for the new lighting design is now sufficient enough for the PCC to commit to the installation of the new lighting system while carrying on with the Appeal.

Anthony J Smith (Gloucester) Ltd, Lighting Designers and Engineers should begin work by the 1st or 2nd week in May and will take up to 12 weeks to complete the installation.

The church will be closed to visitors during the working week while the contractors are on site because of the dangerous high level works to be undertaken. However, we will still be holding services in church every Sunday as Covid restrictions allow.

Weekday worship, also, will continue to be held, but in the Whitmore Room instead of the Lady Chapel. Morning Prayer at 9 am Tuesday through Friday and occasional Eucharists for feast days etc. will be accessed only via the Whitmore Room door.

We are very excited that this project is about to begin after planning and fund raising over the past 4 to 5 years!

Thank you everyone

01 April


Our services take place in church and you are welcome to attend.. Most of our services are streamed on Facebook. You can find us at

Some smaller services are available and interactive on Microsoft Teams and you will find those links in the notice sheets 

10 March

Services resume in church

St George's will reopen for public worship from unday 14th March.

The regular pattern of Sunday morning services will resume, with 8am BCP Holy Communion and the Parish Eucharist at 10.30am. No booking is required for either of these services but we will continue to be diligent in observing social distancing and hygiene measures.

Some may not yet be ready to return to in-person worship. I would stress that it is an individual and household decision - it will be good to welcome you back once you are ready. In recognition of this "mixed mode" of church life we will continue to live-stream the Sunday services on

25 February

Let the stones live

A report of major achievements

It has taken us rather longer than anticipated but we are so very pleased to say that the project to repair the worst of the damage to the east elevation and window of the Vestry wall and also that of the South Porch is now finished.

Of course (do we dare say it!), in a building of this great age and size, there will always be repairs needed.   However, our appeals for the high level stonework repairs (Phase 1 - 2017) and lower level stonework repairs (Phase 2 - 2019) have taken care of the most serious of the Health and Safety issues that we were faced with.

The final chapter in this long saga was the restoration of the interior of the Vestry which was very badly damaged by all the rainwater coming through the previously perished exterior masonry.

The repairs to the Vestry are now complete.  It has been re-plastered, re-painted and re-carpeted.  The room looks splendid and welcoming and is, once again, fit for purpose.

We have been so fortunate to have such skilled workmen to call on for all this quality work and want to thank them again and, indeed, everyone who supported the church throughout this project.