St George Edgbaston

Life Events

Outside_at_St_G.JPG.jpgAs your local C of E church we are pleased to offer worship services for the major life events of birth, marriage and death. These are available for anyone living in the parish or with a direct connection to St. George's and we welcome all enquiries.






Photo_23.JPGA birth is usually an occasion of great joy. The desire to mark such an occasion and express thanksgiving to God is often very strong. The church provides Baptism, also known as ‘Christening’ and services of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child for use at this time. Both services celebrate a birth. Baptism of infants is, additionally, the rite through which the child becomes a member of the Christian community, with parents and godparents pledging to “pray for them, care for them and help them to take their place in the life and worship of the church”. Both these services are available through St George’s and we look forward to discussing your requirements.


Photo_24.JPGThe marriage service is an occasion of great beauty and a wonderful mixture of solemnity and celebration. When two people give themselves to each other freely in love and trust, seeking the love of God as an inspiration and resource for their own loving, something very special is set in motion. A marriage blessed in church is understood both as a relationship in which the couple “may know the grace of God” and “may be united with one another in heart, body and mind”, and as one which “enriches society and strengthens community”. The marriage relationship is also seen as a reflection of the loving, faithful devotion that God has for humanity and creation, and the love which unites Christ with “his bride, the Church”. This means that every marriage is intended as an outward, visible expression of God’s love and faithfulness. Those who accept this key aspect of the Christian commitment to love will know very well how much they will need both the grace of God and the support of others in order to live this way. The wedding service provides both these things and more!    

Practically, all who live in the parish of St George’s or who have a ‘qualifying connection’ through relatives to St George’s, have the right to be married in the church. If you live locally and would like to be married at St George’s, we will be delighted to hear from you and discuss your plans. As marriage is a legal matter, specific criteria have to be met around citizenship, residency and marital status. If you are considering marrying at St George’s, please come and see us early on during your decision-making for the day in order to secure a preferred date and time and to avoid disappointment.

For those who are divorced with a former partner still living, the vicar is willing to discuss with you the possibility of re-marriage in church. If your circumstances include this element, please make this known to the vicar at the outset and the additional required process will be explained to you. We welcome all enquires via the church office or vicar.


DSCN2019.JPGThe death of a loved one is never easy, and may not have been expected. As a local church we are always here, and see it as a key part of our presence in the community to provide a suitable ceremony to mark and celebrate a life, and to commend a person to the love, mercy and nearer presence of God. St George’s church is available for funeral services for all who live in the parish, church members and those associated with St George’s. Funeral services will usually be followed by an interment (burial) or committal in a crematorium.  If preferred, a funeral through St George’s can be conducted wholly at a crematorium. To arrange a funeral in church or at the crematorium following a death, we can be approached directly or through an undertaker or funeral director. In some cases, when a funeral service is conducted elsewhere, or takes place as a small private ceremony, a memorial service at St George’s is appropriate. We welcome inquiries in these circumstances via the church office of vicar.


To make further enquiries about any of the above please contact the vicar: