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Our use of God-given resources needs to be seen primarily as part of our discipleship, and our resourcing of the mission of God. If we are to live generously, seeking to reflect God’s generosity to us, this has implications for our lifestyle; causing us to want to give more for the benefit of others and spend less on ourselves so that we give away a greater proportion of our incomes.

The Church of England’s guidance on “Giving for Life” can be found here.

Remember: God loves a cheerful giver!



St George’s has a faithful community of supporters and well established channels of efficient administration to suit the different ways its people are called to fulfil their discipleship and our church’s goals of ministry, mission and maintenance.

The channels for giving to St George’s are:

·   Bank Standing Order: This is our favourite and is the easiest to maintain both for our planning and for your commitment to Christian stewardship. Your bank standing order can be paid at any frequency that suits you.

·   Weekly Envelope Scheme: We give you an annual supply of printed, numbered, weekly envelopes and you can fill them with your planned amount of cash or cheques and leave them on the collection plate when you come to church. Some people also like to have an envelope, even if they give by other means, to have something to place in the collection plate at services.

·   Occasional Envelopes: If you are a visitor or not yet in one of the above schemes you can use the Gift Aid envelopes in the pews to place money on the collection plate.

An essential part of our income is our facility, as a registered charity, to increase the gifts of those who pay UK income tax by claiming, from HMRC, an extra 25p for every £1 received. We will ask you to sign a Gift Aid Declaration for this purpose. We will give you a confidential statement at the end of May each year which you can use to review your stewardship goals and which some people also use to support their tax return.

Normal church collections are allocated to our General Fund but from time to time we have specific collections which you can choose to support, for example for church fabric, for our Diocesan link with Malawi or for the relief of suffering in a crisis.


Get Involved             

Do join in, to support your faith, make friends and develop or discover talents.

Some people like to be involved with the services, singing in the choir, welcoming , assisting with the Communion, reading the Bible passages or leading intercessions, offering transport to neighbours, taking a turn with the children’s church, serving coffee afterwards.

Some like to read books and meet to discuss them, or pray together in a small group.

Some like to help prepare food for, or help organise, social events.

Others help take care of the building and grounds

Some support local neighbourhood projects such as the foodbanks and language classes.

Most are able to help with the door to door collections and other fund-raising for Christian Aid week each May.