St George Edgbaston

Social Groups

Joined-up Reading                

Our Joined-up Reading group is for people to share their faith in God. Most members of the group belong to St George’s Church, but we are also joined by people from other local churches. Once a month we choose a book to read and we meet to discuss it on a Monday evening. We question, we argue, we explore ideas. The book group has been in existence for about fifteen years and during that time we have had the opportunity to grow in faith, encouraging and affirming each others’ belief in God.

Recent books have included:-

“Resurrection” by Tolstoy

“On the Bible” Karen Armstrong

“Made for Goodness” Desmond Tutu

“Sleeping with Bread” Linn

“Letters to Malcolm” CS Lewis

“Foolishness to the Greeks” L. Nubian

Please join us if you would like this challenge.


Although we call ourselves the Sewing Group some of our members prefer to knit producing everything between cardigans and cuddly toys. We continue to meet in our homes with the occasional meeting in the Whitmore Room for some of the work on the banner produced for baptisms and repair work on kneelers that mice have enjoyed nibbling!

Many of us have had a sewing challenge to bring to a meeting prompting much discussion and usually a solution but I think we would all agree that the meetings are not wholly productive. We drink a lot of tea and coffee and talk about all and sundry. Between us we have been repairing and sewing labels into schoolwear, everyday repairs from moving buttons and replacing zips, elaborate embroidery to celebrate births, special birthdays and anniversaries and above all we have been enjoying ourselves!

Social Committee                    

A small but dedicated St George’s Social Committee arranges various fellowship luncheons and events throughout the year to celebrate important dates in the church calendar.  A picnic for the whole community in the church and churchyard to mark St George’s Day is just such an event. 

A tea and coffee hour also, held every Sunday after the 10.30 am service, offers an opportunity for general fellowship and light refreshments.  It is hosted by members of the committee and a willing list of “coffee rota” helpers.

We also try to have a few small fun and ‘fund raising’ activities for both the church and various charities and welcome all who would like to join us in discovering new friendships.

Lunch Club                 

The Monthly Lunch Club was initiated by four ladies from the congregation, and has been running since July 1989. It takes place in the Whitmore Room on the second Tuesday of each month, commencing at 12 noon. It takes the form of a buffet prepared by the current leader, and participants pay a donation to cover costs. It provides an opportunity for members of the various congregations to meet and converse in a relaxed atmosphere. Each year the group hosts one lunch where all proceeds are donated to Christian Aid.