St George Edgbaston

Parish Weekend

08 Jul
at 10:00am

Life-changing discipleship: Exploring Biblical models of following God’s call

‘Will you come and follow me, if I but call your name?’ Jesus has invited men, women and children to follow him since the very first days of his ministry. Yet for many Christians, the word ‘disciple’ represents a big challenge. Don’t you need to be special to be a disciple? Is discipleship really meant for ordinary Christians?

This year’s retreat aims to help participants get to grips with what the Bible has to say about discipleship as a way of life for every Christian. There will be three sessions with input and conversation round the theme:

-          Discipleship, wealth and poverty will ask how the Bible enables wealthy disciples to use their resources appropriately

-          Discipleship as learning and following will explore ways in which the disciples of the Bible, and the disciples of today, learn what it means for them to follow Jesus

-          Eucharist-centred discipleship will consider why the Eucharist makes so much difference to the shape, purpose and mission of a community of disciples.

The speaker this year is the Rev. Dr. Caroline Wickens, a Methodist minister currently serving in Dudley. Caroline also works for the Methodist Church’s national training group and has been involved in theological education for many years, overseas in Africa and in the West Midlands. Her main interest is in the Bible and she really enjoys talking to people about it.

The Parish Weekend starts at 10.00am on Saturday 8th July and ends at 5.00pm Sunday 9th July 2017. It’s at the Elim Conference Centre, West Malvern. The cost is £95 per head or £24 for a day rate for either Saturday or Sunday. More details of the programme will follow shortly.